South Side High School c/o 1969

I hope all are doing well. Here is some information for the classmates...

South Side High School Class of 1969 Group is still active. We are meeting every month on the 2nd Monday by teleconference at 6:30p.m. (267-807-9605 access code 907459#).


This is the Season for Peace, Happiness, and Giving. We are reaching out to our fellow classmates to contribute $25.00 for the HOLIDAY GIVING. The Benevolent Gift will go to some Churches for Christmas. It is greatly appreciated that it is mailed and received by DECEMBER 11, 2021 to:

Jimmy Edwards

1193 Mary Jane Ave.

Memphis, TN 38116


We are still active to contribute to the Dues $10.00 monthly ($120.00 annually). We still give to ESPN Honoring Doris Hill, founder of the school. Also, we agreed to continue to keep the Website and any activity the group can physically meet and greet.

Please join us the 2nd Monday in December (12-13-21) at 6:30pm

(The number is shown above.)


Jennette Tyson, Sec.